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Air Hostess Training

Our Air Hostess Training Course is designed to equip you with the essential skills, knowledge, and confidence needed to excel in this dynamic profession.

Commercial Pilot License – CPL

Upon completion of the commercial course, students can work and get paid right away.

DGCA Ground Classes

DGCA ground classes cover a wide range of subjects and are designed to provide aspiring pilots, with the necessary knowledge for flying an airplane

Commercial Pilot Diploma

This course is great for students who wish to work for a large international airline or charters.

Diploma in Airport Ground Handling with Flight Dispatch Theory and RTR A

Diploma in Airport Ground Handling with Flight Dispatch Theory and RTR A program Flight operation and dispatch officer is an officer in aviation industry whose job is to prepare aircraft for flight. He/she ensures aircraft is refueled in accordance with the needs of the particular flight, aircraft is…

Flight engineer / Aircraft captain

About reading the plane's mechanical instruments and monitoring all the computer systems.

BBA Aviation

Graduates with a BBA Aviation degree have a wide range of job prospects in various sectors of the aviation industry

Dip In Aviation

Professional service to receive and verify all International pilot license holders in the country.

Private Pilot License

Private Pilot License is a great opportunity for you to start a private jet lux class pilot career!


RTR A is a license which allows individuals to operate and communicate using radio equipment in the aviation industry.
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