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Started on August 16, 202312 Months

Diploma in Airport Ground Handling with Flight Dispatch Theory and RTR A program

Flight operation and dispatch officer is an officer in aviation industry whose job is to prepare aircraft for flight. He/she ensures aircraft is refueled in accordance with the needs of the particular flight, aircraft is properly loaded, aircraft routing and navigation is in order, all passengers manifest is filed amongst others. His/her job is to ensure that aircraft is properly loaded and safe to fly. The officer will then monitor flight to ensure that he/she is in conduct with the pilot throughout the flight. The officer works hand in hand with control tower in this particular area. This is a very important task and proper training is no exception. We train students in all arears the officer will be required to perform his/her tasks including radio telephony, aircraft loading , Flight planning a amongst others. Many of our former students are holding senior positions in airline and aviation industry as a whole

Course Outline:

Our Diploma in Airport Ground Handling with Flight Dispatch Theory and RTR A program offers a well-rounded curriculum that covers essential topics in airport ground handling, flight dispatching, and aeronautical communication

Key Areas of Focus
  1. Airport Ground Handling:

Airport ground handling is a critical aspect of the aviation industry, and efficient ground handling services are essential for the timely departure and arrival of flights, passenger satisfaction, and overall operational efficiency.

        • Introduction to Airport Operations
        • Passenger Handling and Customer Service
        • Baggage Handling and Logistics
        • Ramp Operations and Aircraft Servicing
        • Aviation Safety and Emergency Procedures
  1. Flight Dispatch Theory:

As a Flight Dispatcher/Assistant, you’ll play a vital role in ensuring safe and efficient airline operations. Your responsibilities include collaborating with pilots, analyzing weather conditions, creating flight plans, monitoring aircraft performance, and coordinating with air traffic control. By working closely with the flight dispatchers, you’ll contribute to the overall success and smooth functioning of airline operations.

        • Introduction to Flight Dispatching
        • Aircraft Operations and Performance
        • Flight Planning and Navigation
        • Meteorology and Weather Analysis
        • Aviation Regulations and Safety
        • Air Traffic Control Procedures
        • Communication Skills and RTR-A
        • Emergency Procedures and Crisis Management
        • Case Studies and Practical Applications
  1. RTR A (Restricted Radiotelephony Operator’s License – Aeronautical):

RTR-A (Restricted Radiotelephony Operator’s License – Aeronautical): Our course includes a dedicated module on RTR-A, which is an essential license for effective communication in aviation. You’ll learn about aviation radio communication procedures, regulations, and best practices. This integration prepares you to obtain your RTR-A license from WPC and ensures you can communicate efficiently with pilots and air traffic control.

        • Radio Communication Procedures and Phraseology
        • Navigation and Air Traffic Control Communications
        • Aviation Regulations and Licensing Requirements
        • Practical Application of Radio Communication Skills

Course Description

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